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6 election shoes skills, so that short-legged girls was thin and significantly higher

There is a pair of long legs is an enviable thing, long legs in addition to high heels can be outside, pointed flat shoes to reveal the instep to extend the calf vision, said that I believe you have also tried, but how to wear a sophisticated too? Xiaobian teach you a few tips today, so you can wear flat shoes can also look very slender. Wear flat shoes can not wrap the whole leg tightly, wearing shorts, short skirts, dress exposed large area legs, but can be significant leg length; If you wear trousers, put the pants rolled up, let the thinnest Ankle help you create slender proportions! Conservatively, think of slender legs in the election of color, remember pick nude color, earth color accurate! Because similar to the color of the skin, not like the other colors are obviously cut off the cheap under armour feet, but can look like more than 3 cm. Flat-bottomed shoes pointed absolutely higher than other models, even if the election is cheap under armour darker shoes, pointed tips can also help you create slim slender legs, not to mention nudity pointed pointed flat shoes, and visual Unlimited extension? Let under armour discount you look super-slender and comfortable to walk.

Skinny jeans seems to be the first choice, with a word shoulder coat easy casual, simple wear at the same time stretch figure. Choose to reveal the skin, roll up your pants as much as possible to make yourself taller. High waist tightened dress exudes female beauty, catch light flat shoes, it is consistent with the ladylike temperament. Whether you are wearing high heels or flat shoes, you want to be thin and significant slender grasp the key points so that the color of the shoes and upper body clothes should not be too large, similar color, echoed color is OK. Playful cute mini shorts with a striped knit short-sleeved shirt, so that the line under armour discount of sight focused on the upper body, Yang avoid weakness height UP. As far as possible exposed long legs, so that the slender legs slender, at the same time to cool deputy sunglasses, not from passers-by! Want to wear the beauty of Goddess big leg? To make you double to the United States stifled flat shoes! Bring you comfort and charm! Master the above flat shoes to wear skills, without high-heeled cover can also have a tall figure of the perfect body! !