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7 ways to teach you the most hurt your health care it

When looking for the object, people often say that shoes are not fit, feet know. But uncomfortable feet comfortable, you always do not itch do not know. do you know? A person walking through the distance is equivalent to several laps around the earth. Jogging, the feet each time landing to bear the equivalent of 4 earthquake shock wave. So hard work hard feet, we only when the foot pain or itching, it will take it seriously. Give us little feet to the field of "big health care", it seems really is imminent. But first of all, we have to do is to reduce the damage to our feet. What kind of behavior in the end of the foot is not good? Many people never give their feet painted ointment, in fact, the soles of the feet should also eat some "oil and water", because the soles of the feet sometimes particularly dry and rough skin. "The urea content of 5% to 10% of the ointment is suitable for the care of particularly dry feet." Urea retains the moisture in the epidermis and improves the moisture and flexibility of the skin, says Professor Beyat Teber, a German dermatologist. Sex. Almond oil and other plant preparations can also be used for foot skin care. But ordinary skin cream on foot skin mostly no obvious effect.

People's sweaty feet are formed by a variety of reasons, such as taking drugs, obesity, mental stress or fear will stimulate the secretion of sweat. If the sweaty feet are very serious, you should ask the doctor to help find the cause. "This is the key to the correct selection of socks - wearing cotton socks, and the shoes should be changed every day so that the shoes that are removed under armour womens shoes are completely dry," says foot care specialist Mecidid Ghosiman. Khan feet can also be used to avoid the role of sweat cool powder, but should try to reduce the coffee, alcohol, nicotine, spicy food and other substances to stimulate the sweat glands. Aluminum chloride cream for a lot of sweaty feet have a considerable effect, because this agent can plug the sweat glands outlet. The oak bark extract used in the foot water also works according to this principle. It is worth noting that the key to preventing beriberi is to keep the feet dry as much as possible. So after the feet to dry the toe seam, and do not wear chemical fiber socks. The swimming pool, the sauna and the locker room are the main source of beriberi, so there are activities to wear slippers. Once infected with athlete's foot, it is necessary to use foot cream or beriberi treatment. A child wearing a fit shoes will lead to adult posterior foot problems. A survey of 1,000 kindergartens showed that 2/3 of children wearing shoes is not too large or too small. Children wear shoes, toes to the tip should be left out of 1.5 cm gap. Parents should always pay attention to whether the child's shoes fit, but also pay attention to the height and width of the shoes. Have the opportunity to try to let the children barefoot walk to exercise their muscles to stimulate the external response. In addition, adults do not recommend wearing shoes that do not fit. Because people are walking all their lives, so the forefoot will become wider and wider. That is to say the front foot of the transverse fence gradually reduced. The more often walk the more prone to this problem, especially women. All the shoes will become tight, which will make the toe ball and feet in the metatarsal small head by the squeeze pain. Appropriate shoes and orthopedic surgeons make the insoles can be foot bearing to the heel transfer, thereby relieve pain.

Many women have problems with the toe valgus, which may cause inflammation. To know, wearing shoes with high shoes so that the forefoot had to bear 80% of the weight. The front of the women's shoes is not too sharp is too narrow, resulting in the toes together. Wearing a ring-shaped toe can reduce the force of the toe ball. Special insoles can also release their feet from the squeeze out. The toe valgus can be purchased with wide plantar footwear and, if necessary, surgical treatment. If the soles of the feet have cracks or pain, should be washed with pumice or feet before the feet with a pedicure file to wear off. Laymen do not use sharp tools to pedal yourself, because it is possible to cut too much cocoon skin, causing damage. "The cocoon under armour outlet skin helps the feet to withstand stress and friction." Shoes are not suitable for the feet will be grinding out cocoon. Easy to repair foot and rub oil can avoid cocoon skin cracking. People in the bath after the nail will become soft, this is the ideal time to cut the toenails. But if the nail side of the cut too much, revealing a nail bed, a bed of skin will grow and squeeze the nail. It is best to leave a 1 mm white edge when you cut your toe. The healthy nails are pink and transparent, and the uneven brown nails mean beriberi. Corn is often long in the foot by the shoe squeeze the site, where the skin gradually under armour shoes thicker, long pin-like, and inward hyperplasia. But the effect of the eye cream on the removal of corns is not ideal to recommend patients to ask the doctor to remove corns. With the addition of spices warm water foot bath is not only comfortable, but also speed up the blood circulation. "The foot bath can not be too hot, the best of 38 degrees Celsius." You can also add a bathing effect to the foot bath to treat beriberi. Injury so much behavior, do not have a simple way to health foot The most recommended is barefoot walk. German natural therapist Sebastian Knight said that there is no way to help more than barefoot to "strengthen the nervous system and enhance resistance." Barefoot walking is the best exercise of the foot muscles, it is understood that the habit of walking barefoot almost no human foot deformity. This behavior can not only exercise muscles and joints, but also stimulate the blood circulation, enhance the body's immunity. In addition, when the summer, to the beach to play when the beach volleyball, but also to complete a chance of barefoot movement yo.