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A pair of sandals to get the summer N wear

After a lot of MM in the summer to wear what sandals on the tangled up: waterproof platform was heavy, heavy straps like a student, last year's square shoes this year seems not popular ... ... in the end what shoes to catch this year The summer trend? The answer is: the word with sandals. In fact, the word with sandals very popular, after all, simple style or more easily with. More importantly, this sandals were thin, and cool, under armour outlet can be called the sandals sector, "little black dress." If your feet are more fat type, or thigh calves relatively thick, too thin is not suitable for. Because the contrast between the thin and thick legs is easier to amplify the legs of the defects. If the more exposed legs, you can choose slope or fine high-heeled, tighten the legs line, make the legs look finer and longer. Feet thin or petite girl please try to choose the same strip with sandals. From the visual point of view, the strip is more light than the coarse belt, the larger area of ??the bare makes the feet more visually full. And still a little sexy Oh

Strip compared to broadband look more spiritual, more feminine ~ combined with hot elements of the band is very chic. Whether it is weekdays casual or formal occasions, with a strip of sandals are the most classic choice. How should the color of a word with sandals be selected? Do not know what color in the end of the case, it is recommended to buy black. Because the most classic black wild, whether it is pants dress, shopping or work ... all kinds of occasions can hold live. Say a pair when N double wear is no exaggeration. Ordinary dress style cents cents sister, you can choose white. White comes with a Xianqi, if with a white, light-colored translucent or lace texture of the clothes, it will look more cool. In addition to the classic black and white, often wear is nude under armour shoes color, and it is completely synonymous with elegance, bare feet on the foot part of the legs from the visual extension of the line, the little girl can try nude color lined up slender legs. Are you still feeling tangled for no sandals? Go to a pair of slips with sandals and try it