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Are your feet suitable for wearing sandals? Buy before you look at these points

May's tail, indicating under armour shoes that the summer is coming soon. Think really happy ah, when the season, but also give yourself a reason to go shopping it Dew meat of the season, it is time to give yourself a pair of sandals. But often buy back, after the foot found not look good ~ today odd and we share a few feet under the choice of sandals need to pay attention to the point, come take a look! This foot type is characterized by foot meat, but the skeleton is very small, the instep will not be very high, the foot will not be wide, so it looks quite cute. Skeletal small fleshy feet and skeleton wide width of the thin feet to wear the same pair of sandals to the effect of sandwiches are like this.

1 and 2 are fleshy feet, 3 is a wide thin feet, in fact, the effect of fleshy feet to wear less than the effect of poor feet put on the right?

So, if it is skeletal small fleshy feet, plywood sandals better.

2. If you are particularly high on the instep of the foot

Normal feet and feet with higher fleshy foot contrast. In the width of the difference between the two feet is not, but it is clear flesh and feet feet looked higher than a piece, a little swollen. Overall, the effect of wearing and did not imagine bad.

Feet wide baby in the selection of shoes is to look at the soles, the left of the toe width is far greater than the right, so the comfort is certainly much under armour sale more comfortable on the left. Soft collapse of the shoes easy to be wide and fat feet to support large, especially ballet shoes, looks no elegant. So it is best to choose PU, leather under armour outlet and other hard material. You can choose Mueller shoes, after all, compared to pointed shoes, it wins in a lot of comfort, and beautiful and casual, very high street Fan. Suitable for the seat of the front of the word with sandals, Mu Le shoes, fish mouth shoes. In short the principle is not to let the whole big toe exposed.