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Bow sandals, glittering girl's sweet wear

What shoes do you wear in summer? Of course it is cool sandals. In all the sandals style, Xiaobian feel the least female heart is the bow sandals friends. To the bow of the sandals are decorated with a sweet and playful feeling, but also without losing the elegant temperament, really nice Oh Check the satin bow with a young girl feeling Oh, the color bright and fresh, one to seize the eye of others friends, with plain dress is nice Oh, wild age, fans dead slightly. Straps sandals is the main style of this summer Oh, long lace tied in the ankle tied into a nice bow, this sandals are not immediately with the retro style of literature and art it? Painted red nail polish is very tune Oh Light ripe OL wind sandals with bow decoration also has a more unique feeling Oh, in the simple and gentle temperament has added a lively feeling, light cooked girls should not lose pink pink girl heart Oh. Like the free foot of the girls can also choose the cool trailer style shoes Oh, big bow satin full of three-dimensional, black and pink with a stylish Western style Oh So many nice bow shoes, you also choose under armour shoes to wear a transfiguration girl it.

One word buckle bow sandals. Like this pair of sandals retro simple colors, with a sense of elegance, bow decoration has added a sweet and playful girl feeling, the word buckle the design of low-key but very fine Oh Hong Kong wind bow strip with Roman sandals. Simple three words with the outline of the foot, in the visual division of the foot, watching the more thin Oh, sweet bow noodles in the refreshing feeling, simple and sweet, wearing a foot feeling is also great Oh. Wild with bow tie sandals. In the sandals can give people an cheap under armour effective feeling of height, looking at the show was significantly thin Oh, the word with a small bow decorated sweet playful, simple wild, while not losing the unique under armour shoes personality Oh Simple nude color bow sandals. Silk satin bow decoration so that the whole pair of sandals suddenly luxury exquisite Oh, good ventilation, but also clean up, the texture is great Oh, sandals work well, wearing a very comfortable, fine high-heeled design is very elegant Oh. Straw miscellaneous bow pants. Sandals are also the necessary style of the summer Oh, straw plum sandy through the soft breathable, wearing a foot feeling great, elegant bow design novel style, with a small summer fresh feeling, it looks good.