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Can soccer shoes wear as usual shoes?

Soccer shoes, as the name suggests is used to play football wearing footwear. With the development of science and technology and football, soccer shoes in recent years, styles and styles are increasingly fancy eye-catching, many amateurs hope that soccer shoes in football can also wear to the streets. This will be from the characteristics of football shoes and style analysis. Soccer shoes soles are divided into many types of soles, HG, FG, AG, TF, MD, etc., usually the game most of the players are wearing under armour sale the first three categories, in the game we also see the players sometimes run on the runway pick up The ball when the shoes look like slippery, so it is clear, HG FG AG is very recommended to wear to the street, the spike is too long and too slippery, whether it is shoes or people, are not safe.

TF is commonly known as broken nails, this soles are usually rubber material, and the spikes are not very long, theoretically can meet the under armour shoes needs of daily wear, and MD is the indoor flat field football shoes, usually beef tendon at the end, Soles, and usually do not wear much difference between the footwear. But need to add is that, one, soccer shoes in order to improve the protection of the upper are usually without ventilation design of the whole package design, if one day from morning to night wear, there may be foot discomfort. Second, under normal circumstances football shoes need the ultimate sense of parcel, so usually the case under armour sale of soccer shoes compared to the daily wear shoes will be smaller, if the long time wearing may also cause some of the foot discomfort.