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Career men new fashion, starting from the liberation of feet!

Imagine you as a party to talk cheap under armour to others, see each other wearing a heroic type but the shoes are not dazzling, your heart will be what kind of feeling. If it is Xiaobian, then minutes do not feel good ah! So a career type of man, light a set of suits, a lapel shirt is not enough. In other words, a successful man can not do not have a pair of good shoes. What kind of shoes is considered a good shoe, then take a look at today's small series of recommendations. These pairs of shoes are small series carefully selected absolute treasures Oh! The first kind of good shoes is undoubtedly the business of hollow shoes. Hollow shoes not only breathable and increased the sense of the upper layer, is no longer the kind of monotonous horse. Through the uniform arrangement of the hole makes the shoes of the toe under armour womens shoes and heel more smooth and refined. In the summer is under armour womens shoes a good choice. The second kind of good shoes is a casual hollow shoes. You also learn to ask Xiao Bian, how are all hollow, right! Hollow in the summer to wear really is the most appropriate. Breathable at the same time also the release of your feet, no longer all tight package in the shoes inside, but targeted ah! Lok Fu shoes in many people's eyes are not very serious, but as a casual shoes, but that is quite well-known points. Xiaobian think Aokang this Le Fu shoes is a business atmosphere. Not have to Zeng Guangwa tile shoes will have a sense of business. Hollow hole hole shoes is also possible. The design of the direct sleeve is easy to wear. Help the surface is cortical, very soft, due to the embellishment of the hole, looks three-dimensional, and breathable. The car line texture gives the shoes a new finishing effect.

Feel just the hollow shoes are too casual, then this pair of Aokang will make you satisfied. Sharp toe, highlighting the men's sharp personality. Bright leather with your office building shiny floor is equipped with Behind the upper is a delicate leather, no longer PU coating, it is very casual. The middle of the car line out of the hole is part of the suction point. Parallel lace design to play the effect of decorative vamps. Upper smooth, Yanbian thickening to protect the role of ankle. With more than enough suits. Pointed too revealing edge, then try to fit the curvature of the round head. Aokang this pair of men's shoes hollow area is very large, and creative sense. In addition to the front of the common hole hollow hole, the rear side also has a symmetrical hollow design, making the whole foot released very thoroughly. To the business atmosphere is very strong at the same time breathable effect, then this pair of shoes is a good choice. Leather material low-key noble, soft fit. The stitching of the car makes the shoes look more artistic. Whether black or brown, are revealed with wisdom and maturity. Business men have a suitable hollow shoes, the need to consider whether there is no fit shirt. If you want a more choice, this can be more of this summer short-sleeved shirt is very suitable for you to see. Cotton and linen fabric is very anti-wrinkle, a little squeeze will not leave traces. And the texture is also great Hidden blue, very low-key elegant. Sleeves and black stitching gives a different sense of vision. Summer you wear long trousers on the out! And hot and airtight. Release the foot at the same time, pants have to cut a cut. Then come to a short section of it! This piece of short pants is also a career sense. Slim type is very fit type. Wool worsted fabric is very crisp three-dimensional, and this fabric is not sneak Oh! Trousers on the four cross bar gold tide sense of fashion full. This summer, buy a pair of hollow shoes to release the release of their feet! Xiaobian around the cause of the success of men have bought Oh, have not bought the hurry to action it! Breathable breathable, men also need.