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Children wear the wrong shoes, it is easy to let the feet hurt

General baby was born when the flat indicates that the foot, with the child's growth and development, the disease will gradually ease, the same part of the child because of the wrong choice of shoes and lead to the side of the feet than others. Flat feet in addition to affecting the foot beautiful, but also undermine the baby's future sports and labor, easy to walk depression, leg soreness, joint pain and discomfort, parents must pay attention to it. The normal child to go out may be the foot and the direction of the cheap under armour opposite, or slightly outward; if the baby toe when the toe far from his point of under armour womens shoes view appears to be positive characters, told the parents, the child produced a foreign character; , When the baby toe toes sharply inward, in their own view was inverted character, told the parents, the child produced within the eight feet feet. This is mostly due to the parents to the children "wearing big shoes" caused.

The general people's feet are large and small, left foot as a support foot is usually slightly larger than the right foot. In this theory, if the foot wear shoes and the right foot as big, it will control the development of the left foot, it is easy to lead to the baby's thumb up, moving or moving. Baby shoes are not appropriate, especially in the baby's step-by-step effect. For example: glow shoes in the baby to learn to cause the baby to go out after the heel hard over; partial shoes to the baby to walk eight, outside the eight; European shoes are designed for the European baby, the Chinese children do not only warm up, but also Destroying the normal development of the child's foot type. In addition, not suitable for the baby's shoes is easy to give children to develop tiptoe to go, walking away the bad habits. For the baby healthy foot type and the correct walking posture to understand, the children in the process of buying shoes to pay attention to the following four points:

Soles: to choose the texture of thick, high permeability shoes shoes; hard soles for the baby's arch development is very favorable, but also lead to flat foot disease; and hard upper will be easy to oppress the baby fingers.

Heel: heel height to less than 2cm, so as not to affect the impact of high heel baby arch development and baby ankle injury.

Material: the best choice of cloth shoes, shoes, good ventilation, lightweight, easy to baby activities, but also conducive to the development of the foot.

Size: the child wearing a shoe into the size of a finger based on;

In addition, the children also pay attention to the child feet grow very fast, the best 2,3 months to give children a shoe, bogey not because the child feet grow fast to buy big shoes to the baby to wear, the baby's foot development And the steps are unfavorable.