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Do not let these three wear and error, ruined your combat boots!

As the weather gets cooler, clothes and shoes go season-by-season. A lot of girls to fall and winter seasons shoes are the most common to wear boots, snow boots, high boots or Martin boots, etc., can be said that the most versatile autumn and winter shoes a single product. Many people think that the pants stuffed into the shoes look very fashionable, but this does not feel like wearing under armour womens shoes thick legs crumpled look thing. Obviously the height of 170 abruptly shortens the feeling of 10 cm. Excessive flared pants or suit pants if worn on the outside of the boot, not only does not seem to be very long legs, but also looks a little earth. This wear can be said that the 80's when the wear law, and do not look like an Aunt might also say ~ the right to wear the law is not to choose too long wide-leg pants or bell-bottoms, you can come to nine under armour under armour shoes sale Pants look like this is not a lot of comfortable it ~ just do not look too good!

A lot of short girls always think that the choice of a pair of particularly high shoes, looks a little higher. In fact, if you wear it, it looks under armour discount like the ratio will be very inconsistent. The correct heel height is less than one-third of the lower leg, so short little sister, do not wear too high heels friends, choose their own is the best looking!