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Dress with men's skills

Now a lot of men are aware of the importance of dressing for their own, is the so-called "journey of thousands of miles, starting from the foot" so shoes is also an art, today we look at some of the skills with the men's shoes, As a supporting role, but can not grab the lead of the limelight Oh. Dress shoes, of course, is to have a certain seriousness, and Oxford shoes is good, very British style, retro pattern against the background, lower than the ankle of the men's shoes, brown is also people feel very very elegant Feeling, it is the dignity of men Oh; dress shoes when the best choice or choose the color is relatively shallow, looks more fashionable, but also can be a variety of formal clothes. Dress is playing the role of supporting role, according to the style of clothes to match, loose suit for round shoes, look more fashionable. If it is under armour outlet more formal suit, you can wear a pair of under armour shoes pointed dress men's shoes, trousers trousers just cover the upper, are very gas field, clean and neat look. Do not remember that is absolutely can not use casual clothes with suits men's cheap under armour shoes, it is really nondescript, it is uncomfortable!