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Everyone loves the little white shoes, clean really do right?

Small white shoes because of its simple, under armour sale comfortable, wild attributes and by the bulk of love, over the years heat retreat. But it is really easy to become dirty or yellow, how can it make it a new look? Different materials of the shoes under armour shoes have their own advantages and disadvantages, when the difficulty of cleaning is also different. So when the purchase, we must also think ahead of time. 1. leather material: just a simple water, brush with a rag to wipe it can easily remove the surface stains 2. suede material: clean should avoid hard rough brush, you can choose a soft brush to keep the same direction gently swipe To the surface of the dust, there are special suede suede eraser eraser, to avoid the use of chemical damage may have some damage to its agent. 3. Mesh material: mesh may be the most easy to accumulate dust, filthy of a uppers material, in order to hide in the dense holes in the dust away, brush shoes should be from the inside out from After the brush forward, so there will not be too much dirt residue. 4. really can not, then directly to the new shoes it

Simple and neat version of the design with a fine perforation is very breathable and comfortable. Green tail small white shoes in a variety of star airport photo in the frequency of a very sense, in addition to wild features are very low-key personality. Classic shell head small white shoes, presumably need to say that we all know how hot. Simple black and white with a very simple and comfortable, whether it is with a daily casual wear or a little formal occasions can easily deal with. The highlight of the white shoes is the silver side of the body, like falling into the stars of the galaxy flashing charming and mysterious glory. Soft soles can give your feet a comfortable walking environment. Big thick design in addition to comfortable and soft, or short of the increase in the benefits of MM. Using the first layer of pig skin material, breathable and wearable, light easy to care, very practical. The use of high-quality ultra-fiber fabric production of upper, rubber outsole more anti-skid wear. Convenient Velcro and classic shell head design is very unique and very use. You can show you a different sense of leisure. Streamlined shoe design, simple but not simple, with a single product with a very good match. The atmosphere of the thick bottom of the design, was significantly higher at the same time highlight your casual taste.