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Fashion is not tired feet, cat heels called you Qiao Qiao cat step

High heels is the pursuit of each of our women. Throughout the year, for fashionable coffee, every season wearing high heels will not be the same. This year, do not know why, claiming to have the world's most comfortable high heels - cat heels strong return. Cat heels, we can be popularly understood as the height of 3-5 cm tip fine shoes. As early as the 50's was born, is designed for girls and girls, so also known as "starting shoes." Because the small and exquisite fine like the kitten tiptoe on the same, the walk is elegant and comfortable, so people played a very cute English called "Kitten Heels". Using high-quality patent leather as the upper, very bright color, not easily deformed, it is easy to take care of. Inside the selection of comfort is very good PU, delicate soft, breathable and comfortable, so that the shoes dry and fresh. Elegant and stylish pointed design, micro-curve in line with the foot type, giving toe enough space, so that walking more comfortable and comfortable. Comfortable cat with, and hate days different, the use of triangular principle, a good support for the weight of the human body, so you comfortable and light walking cat step. Rich and noble temperament of the black, a good interpretation of the meaning of wild, so that you can at any time out of the pace of self-confidence. Classic tip, plus the embellishment of the bow, sexy more than under armour discount the taste of playful. Elegant cat with the design, taking full account of the comfort, but also to modify your leg lines, your beautiful and delicate skinny side exposed.

The use of sheep suede as the upper, stripe delicate delicate, comfortable and refreshing, smooth and elastic touch. Inside the use of pig skin production, wearing a soft breathable, very comfortable. High-quality rubber at the end, to force the anti-skid ability, give you elegant escort escort. Elegant fine with, gently support your feet, outline the graceful posture of women, feminine proper. The use of sheepskin leather made of the upper, delicate and solid, full of leather, coupled with the strength of the suture process, seamless, very charming. Inside the use of pig skin palm pads, skin-friendly breathable, soft fit feet, very fresh. Temperament heel height design, to help you light Qiao cat walk, highlight the elegant and charming temperament. Personality point full of a pair of cat heels, not with the simple company, the diamond did not forget to join in the fun, but too much publicity, glowing texture, so that design is full of layers. Vamp part of the PU leather + diamond fabric, with a unique gloss and delicate lines. PU leather material inside the production, stylish and beautiful, with excellent ventilation. In the catch this year to under armour shoes under armour shoes the explosion of the cat with the elegant out of your pace. The girl's adult ceremony must wear high heels? Personally feel a pair of cat heels can also make you successfully through the adult ceremony, a little more refined and retro atmosphere, but also has an elegant feminine. Alone in the strange city of hard work, in addition to the care of parents and friends, do not forget there are cat heels accompanied by your side.