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Filled in the summer of free pleasure, pants you experience it?

Look at the latest weather forecast, is not a look of life no love. Long hot weather, want to go out on the sweat would be reluctant to. This time as long as the liberation of the body, how cool should be how to come. In addition to the liberation of the upper body, do not forget to liberate your feet. Sandals for men is a controversial single product, a lot of people it is simply can not hide under armour outlet the despise. But the slippers are not the same, even if there are some boycott, but the popularity of the degree is significantly higher than the sandals, which is the highest voice is the word drag. Show slippers on the show is not new things, and now the designer even bold to use words with a suit, fashionable road is immeasurable but to be honest, what clothes to use with the word drag is a big problem The Xiaobian today with everyone to explore how to feel this summer in the free pleasure. In order to be comfortable in the summer comfortable to put on the flip, who would also like to wrap so much in the body. Really, I want to say or with shorts the most practical, nice and cool. Or a letter vest a sports shorts, stepped on the word drag the door to buy things are also very Fan children, maybe there are sister staring at you see it.

If you think T-shirt with some of the sex, shirt is also excellent, like flowers, such as denim lined with yellow shorts, and the sun and Western style. But would like to use under armour shoes the word dragged with pants when it is necessary to think twice, easy to look not high. If you have to take the kind of fabric is also a sense of falling feeling and partial loose pants, thin high wear will look better. These can be so hot in the summer to enjoy the pleasure of the strokes of small strokes, but missionary to you, you are the men who want to be comfortable with the image Oh!