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Fisherman shoes soaked in water how to do?

How to wash fisherman shoes

Fisherman shoes is a very recent period of fire shoes, because the shoes for their own fishermen can add a lot of fashion points. So how to wash fisherman shoes? Fisherman shoes soaked in water how to do? Lets come look!

Brush the upper with clean water, water control and evenly coated with white toothpaste in the shoe (remember to use white toothpaste) (do not brush out the foam to wipe it, the yellow edge can wipe some). Dry (if you put the toilet paper in the sun). Dry, the shoes will be white! If the shoes have turned yellow, you can buy lead powder in the store to brush, wash the shoes, take advantage of wet shoes brush up, and then wrapped in paper sun, to ensure that shoes white as new.

Because the front of the fisherman's shoes is made of straw, brush with a brush will directly brush the hair, will look good, and will look very old, not good-looking. Therefore, fisherman shoes hemp cord cleaning method is to use detergent before washing bubble, soak for a long time, dirty things directly out, wipe the paper like. To protect the fisherman's shoes to wear good-looking.

Fisherman shoes soaked in water how to do

Fisherman shoes soak immediately after the water to dry, the general fisherman shoes into the water as much as possible plug some easy to absorb the newspaper and the like, on the one hand to absorb water, on the other hand to ensure that shoes will not be deformed.

How to identify good or bad shoes quality methods

Identify the quality of shoes is good or bad, from the appearance and internal indicators of both. Because of the inherent indicators often need to rely on the detection equipment, for a consumer, from the appearance to identify the quality of shoes more practical significance. From the appearance, mainly through the shoes of the material (including the upper, soles, shoes) quality and workmanship to identify the quality of shoes is good or bad. Size can be measured, the process to visual, hand touch, pinch, push-based.

1. Upper (upper)

Upper is one of the main components of shoes. For glossy shoes, depending on whether it is soft and full, after pressing the upper by hand, whether there is a loose surface, a good upper should be full and soft, comfortable feel, uniform gloss, no loose surface phenomenon. Pairs of suede shoes, should pay attention to check whether the villi is short and uniform, the tone should be the same. Shoe is a part of the upper, it is to reinforce the upper, to prevent deformation of the upper under armour shoes extension and improve foot feeling and use. Therefore, a good shoe material (such as real leather shoes) should have a good touch, breathability and wettability, and not easy to bleach. In the sewing, the shoes should not be wrinkles and fat edge.

2. insole

The usual men's shoes in the end with the second half pad or heel pad. Women's shoes with the end of the pad covered. Insoles have to keep the shoe insole clean, covering the inner bottom of the uneven, in order to improve the sense of foot. Therefore, insoles should have good suction, wettability. In workmanship, insoles should be flatly attached to the insole, there can be no hanging fold phenomenon.

3. Outsole

From the appearance point of view, the outer periphery of the bonding state should be closely bonded without gaps, the bottom should be smooth.

4. Heel

Whether low-heeled or high-heeled, the first thing to look at with the shoes with the natural flush. For more than half high with women's shoes is concerned. The following two points is more important: First, heel should be securely mounted on the bottom. Shake around should not shake; Second, the palm should not be less than the bottom of the heel.

5. Insole

On the one hand, look at the material inside, preferably leather. On the other hand, strong pressure to the waist by hand, the equivalent of the part of the instep cheap under armour when wearing shoes, motionless better. Under the force under armour shoes of this force, such as the deformation of the shoe along the mouth, indicating the quality of the shoe is a problem.

6. stability

The shoes on a flat surface, the shoes should be immediately stationary, so the shoes for good stability, which is one of the basic conditions for high-quality shoes.