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Goddess exposed season, full of brilliant only perfect

Summer has come, beautiful feet will under armour sale soon enter the bare age, in the autumn and winter cover their feet three seasons, already overwhelmed! Looked down and see the feet, every day under the pressure of the body, but under armour womens shoes also to endure high heels torture, you should pay attention to it? Ignore the foot care, you can not really true details of the goddess! To do the perfect goddess, it is necessary to be full of freshness, fast to the foot to do sub-depth care it! Feet to withstand the weight and pressure of the body, under long-term friction is likely to cause foot crust, dry and keratinosis, regardless of which under armour shoes season, foot care exfoliating can not be ignored yo! Exfoliating must follow the principle of gradual and orderly, one can not be too hasty, if you do not care too much or too long to use, easily lead to excessive stimulation, but will proliferate more horny.

360 degrees rotation, micro-friction particles + diamond touch head, effective removal of horny, dead skin, comfortable handle design ergonomic, comfortable feel, prolonged use does not cause hand fatigue, replace the grinding head to meet the needs of individual independent use, clean Health, body recycling, cost-effective. To finish after rubbing the moisturizing lotion or foot cream, so that the skin more than a layer of water lock function, promote keratosis. Especially in the bath after five to ten minutes, because the skin at this time high water content, it is smearing the golden age of skin care products. Easy to nourish care, at home can also easily enjoy the body SPA, foot film rich in the essence of the liquid can penetrate the foot skin, so dry and easy to dry feet become soft and moist, giving rough skin rich nutrition, summer let you Confident to show his feet.

There is also a disturbing problem is the hard cocoon, the main cocoon is still due to excessive friction caused by the proposed first to check their shoes more serious wear and tear, find the inertia of the force and modify their way to walk. In addition, the purchase of shoes must also pay special attention to, too high, too flat, the front is too narrow or pointed shoes, are easy to squeeze the foot or because no slowness, and increase friction to promote keratinosis, it is recommended to select the height of two Three centimeters of shoes are most suitable. A pair of breath shoes, the appearance of simple fashion, matte leather selection, unique breathable waterproof film technology effective resistance to water penetration, but also to absorb the foot sweat exclusion of water vapor, long and short rubber outsole to make your feet more breathable comfort, slow rebound memory Material to reduce sports injuries, comfort and let the style from the Italian design elegant and arrogant and spontaneously.

The same technology breathable system so that the wearing experience more comfortable, adjustable insole to bring more comfort, rubber soles strong grip, non-slip and flexible, shoes neat and fresh, leisure models designed to wear a wider range.