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High artifact, shoes make you stand out to see the world chickens

In the choice of clothes and shoes, cheap under armour pants, people often choose to make their own significantly tall and thin, but significant color style, so the height of the shoes is particularly important, choose the right height of their own shoes, on the one hand can make their own virtually increase height, On the one hand it can highlight the personal aura, it can be said that both fish and bear's paw, why not? Sometimes a high degree of decision aura, if as a leader, the height of the inherent disadvantages, will make you lose a lot of dignity, so, it seems that the height of a person is very important, since the height can not choose, then choose a height The shoes, the height up, the temperament and gas field will come up, with the clothes can also be more quickly make a decision Oh.

The height of the shoes are generally divided into higher and higher, but today we have to discuss the three forms of increased outside, the first is students and office workers are very loving platform shoes, not only in sports shoes and Bullock shoes or Carrefour shoes, and very lively, most people can control the rough with shoes, and very charming woman with small shoes, are very classic version. Platform shoes shoes can be said to be from small to large, both the campus era of sports shoes, or casual shoes are now full of loose shoes design, but the height of different shoes that under armour womens shoes bring visual sense and visual impact is Very different, here depends on the personal style and aesthetic vision, but the muffin shoes but very wild fashion. Round the patent leather platform shoes, with a very rounded toe design, making the whole are very soft girl style, and the difference is that the strap is carried at the use of tulle material design from the bow, very young girl, The same is the square of the loose cake shoes, at the bevel formed a love shape embellishment, elegant and generous.

Black muffin shoes, the upper is used Bullock Edition version of the style, with a very delicate carved design, making the overall very retro elegant style, the first layer of the shoe under armour shoes is woven into the following is very thick Arc sense of the sponge cake at the end, both from the front or side look full texture. White Blockauff shoes, shoes in the toe Department with a very delicate round hole embellishment, Block pattern looks very delicate, and the white is also very significant temperament Oh, in the uppers with matte material, the downward extension of patent leather Silver material, loose shoes, this design is simply too different, and not only stylish, but full of temperament. Very elegant and elegant design of the thick bottom, respectively, made of fried noodles woven and green part of the sponge cake, the formation of color collision and splicing, is the rare atmosphere of elegance, upper using Bullock, version of the carved design, classic Carved and hemp rope configuration, have added the texture of these shoes.