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I think, at this moment you need sandals

Single shoes is flat, compared to high heels, the walk is really very convenient, and completely stylish atmosphere! Small tip is very fashionable, but also the two very popular style ~ straw is very texture, kind of retro and fresh feeling, hit the color is to increase the impact of a strong visual impact, regardless of any clothes, it is extremely appropriate Of the Yo ~ summer came, we have not started wearing sandals? Especially the recent heavy rain, if you do not go out wearing sandals that is simply minutes of wet shoes rhythm ah! Toe fit ergonomic design, very comfortable, inside is also very soft Oh ~ vamp is velvet, and the embellishment of flowers, highlighting the full of feminine. The end is relatively thick, walking will be more relaxed Oh ~ summer when the little fairies are always going to go to the beach vacation, on the beach certainly need a pair of sandals it! In fact, it is said that sandals are not comprehensive, because it is also a pair of very practical slippers it ~ flowers are romantic style, straps are also very unique, you can modify the contours of the feet. Like us like a small public, really and ultimately this sweet wind Oh ~

Loose shoes are classic models, and will not feel high, you can also elongate the legs of the lines. This version of the type of fresh, simple cheap under armour design, easy to match any dress skirt. At the same time, the word is also more convenient to wear off Oh ~ uppers are velvet, a kind under armour discount of retro style feeling. Inside the sweat is very good, can be a good non-slip. Sole is also the same as doing a non-slip design, there is a better security. I also started this pair of sandals Oh! In fact, this style is really common in the market, are more classic one! But a lot of quality is quite a mixed bag, and this is a pure leather fabric, the shoes are very soft, even if your own free curl will not constitute under armour shoes any harm. With the thick, so the walk will be more effort some Oh ~