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Look at the "jeans and shoes" the most correct way to match

Summer to be friends, shoes and pants with the color can often determine the overall dress taste, the wrong combination is likely to create a failed shape Oh, jeans as a boy wear the most classic single product appearance rate is very high, but boys First of all, to make sure you wear the occasion, is a social under armour outlet event or a picnic, where the choice of shoes, to take into account the overall clothing, small white shoes with dark jeans, simply Is the girl killer both visual sense! Jeans each person is like the same, and some like Slim, and some like loose, this pair of jeans in the color selection of the classic tannin colored tanning, washed cowboy Fabric is more conducive to the daily clean, into the foot of the design and fashion personality hole element for this jeans more than a tide Fan classic color canvas shoes, shoes, simple and beautiful, but also wild not tired of the classic black and white , The side of the shoe side has a large personality of the white design, the shoe itself adds a lot of suction eye highlights, the canvas itself comes with Free fashion, and a simple jeans more harmonious jeans and shoes can be the same with this, no matter what kind of jeans and sports shoes together will feel no sense of violation, music with the shoes can be rolled up trousers , Or mouth nine pants of the cowboy, this choice is the focus of the under armour sale exposed ankle, more match

Nowadays the most popular cowboy dark blue pants, very simple and particularly tide of a harem pants, self-cultivation tailoring, personalized fashion shrink pants, after the small or reflective pocket Oh, download with a pair of simple Lok Fu shoes, exposed ankle position, especially the sunshine male music music shoes how good to wear, do not try to know how to wear, often wear sports shoes aesthetic vision is also tired, enjoy comfortable and comfortable life, Shoes are essential, fine and high-grade selection of the first layer of leather, highlight the high-end quality, and the soles wear, comfort is the last word Many people think that jeans is to take the casual wind, so only sports and leisure shoes match, in fact Otherwise, jeans and leather shoes together is also very appropriate, the combination of the two is not the same as the collision 3D stereoscopic cut, the former also made a spin-off, piercing under armour shoes good legs, washing water treatment, but also self- In the visual can appear long legs, but also the petite boys of the Gospel, the trend of black denim, with the shoes in addition to small white shoes, a fashion casual shoes is no problem, who said Jeans can only be with the sports shoes with friends, cowboy classic wild single product with the shoes to wear as very harmonious, surprisingly visual sense is also particularly good, imported calfskin feel fine, the level of no blunt, polished after the overall negative gloss Rich, and the Mark line is clearly visible, the leisure section of the shoes is really very fashionable cowboy classic blue is also used in the most popular foot leg pants type design, the best quality tannins as a cultural fabric, a slight hole and washed The way as a decoration, a good make up for the traditional jeans in the fun of the missing, replace the sports shoes dress, a pair of fur shoes can play it to the extreme