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She put this in high heels, walking is not tired!

Do not know how many small fairies wear high heels, there will be a fan of confusion, that their posture tall and straight, full of vitality, not wrong before is indeed such an image. Keren, high heels crushing foot pain, who can understand, really crying ~ ~ Today, cherry sauce to teach you a few moves, so fairy little fairy wear! She put this in high heels, walking is not tired! Do not save money. As the saying goes, you get what you pay for. Absolutely not wrong. If you want to wear, must not save. Buy leather, sheepskin or leather For those who just wear high heels more comfortable, will not wear just have fear. Generally bought a new love shoes will feel hard and tight, you can use sealed plastic bags filled with water, frozen in the refrigerator for a night, the shoes will not squeeze friends . If the shoes are too tight, you can put on socks, walk back and forth at home a few times, say shoes to wear a little loose. You can also take the hair dryer, blowing hot air blowing a few pairs of shoes, making the leather heated expansion, the shoes will be much more comfortable. Patent leather shoes are usually relatively hard, can not take a under armour discount few steps, after the heel is worn under armour sale off a layer of skin, too cruel! Can be used antiperspirant body cream, painted in the heel and instep, take the more road is not afraid of grinding feet it! You can also use baby powder, painted in the foot, both antiperspirant but also play a role in lubrication Oh.

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