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Shoes grinding feet is a quality problem? Shoes grinding feet is for whatever reason

Just bought shoes will inevitably have the phenomenon of grinding feet, under armour shoes then the foot wear shoes is a quality problem? Shoes grinding feet is too big? Shoes grinding feet how to deal with? Let's take a look at the reasons for the wear of shoes and the way to deal with it! Not a quality problem, many leather shoes are also grinding feet, mainly to see the degree of softness of the shoes, with people's heel bones structure and walking posture also has a relationship. Sometimes, some people in the process of buying shoes, because they did not pay attention to what size should wear shoes, so there was the case of grinding feet. After they bought these shoes, they think the reason for such a situation is that the shoe itself is a quality problem. As we all know, the normal brand shoes are good goods out of the library, there is no obvious quality problems, then if you wear such shoes also had a grinding foot phenomenon, you can look at the reasons from many aspects, do not arbitrarily say that the shoes Quality problems. In fact, fundamentally speaking, there are many factors that need under armour shoes attention. Shoes grinding feet are quality problems? Most of the time there is no quality problem with any correlation, but in the process of choosing their own size, there have been some problems.

The quality of a pair of shoes is not determined by the quality of the shoes, but by other aspects of the decision, but by the overall fabric to decide, of course, the reasons for everyone to wear their feet, so this is simply not a Definitely to determine the reasons, but relatively speaking, if it is because of their own foot situation, it is definitely not because of the quality of shoes. Shoes grinding feet is a quality problem? In fact, the quality of shoes and workmanship is also a certain relationship, if the workmanship is more perfect, almost no quality problems. Everyone wants to wear good quality shoes, and now there are always some people because of the quality of the shoes grinding feet you do legal advice, if some grinding feet, in fact, you can find the merchant return replacement, so it is easier to solve the problem . No, with the size of the shoes does not matter, the solution of the shoes grinding feet: Apply common materials such as creams, white wine, soap, candles, rub evenly on the grinding feet in under armour discount the position of the foot of the shoes, infiltrating one night, can soften The role of leather. If the shoes are rubbed on the edge of the heel, you can use the hammer under armour womens shoes pressure method, first soaked towel with hot water, covered with a few minutes after the edge of the heel, the leather moist and soft, easy to deformation, then take rolling pin, glass bottles and other cylindrical Objects tapping, rolling, until the deformation of the cortex to the right so far, in order to fit the size, you can try to play while playing, to prevent excessive beating, resulting in shoes with no feet. If it is because the shoes to buy a small, or too fat feet, shoes are too thin, leading squeeze forefoot, you can use this method. The newspaper soaked, not too much water, soften the newspaper on the line, and then stuffed into the shoes inside, according to the actual situation, decided to squeeze the number of newspapers, place for a period of time, you can achieve the purpose of supporting large shoes. Currently, there are businesses specializing in sales Shoe Shoe, self-regulation size, very convenient caring, curious users can try. Usually wear shoes, as long as where to wear feet, where the foot squeeze, where uncomfortable, as long as the hair dryer to the home to transfer the file to the highest, separated by 20 to 30 cm away from the distance of 3 to 4 minutes, and then wait for the shoes Skin can be worn a little cooler, it will not wear on the feet will not be uncomfortable, do not believe the pro who can try oh.

Milling feet can be solved, is nothing more than to make the grinding feet loose, soft, smooth, reducing the friction on the feet, as follows:

1. If it is cortex, the first recommended hair dryer, hair dryer at the foot position with a hot hair, rub a few times, so that the cortex expands outward, so not so tight.

2. You can also paste in the foot position wound paste, heel stickers.

3 wear the foot position edible oil, soap, reduce friction.

4. White vinegar, soaked in alcohol (such as vinegar with a towel and then wrapped around the mill feet) for a period of time, so that the material grinding foot softened.

5. Keep kneading the grinding foot, let the material soften. Or violence point, covered with a layer of damp cloth (buffer layer), and then use the hammer to blow the grinding foot parts, pay attention to the intensity and frequency, do not hammer broken.