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Small white shoes so fire, tide men you wear it?

Small white shoes to the craze again, go again, do not know how many men and women for its waist. Which naturally lack of white shoes loyal supporters, the streets almost everyone foot a pair of small white shoes. Although the popular white shoes, but in fact still leisure-based, if you want to go to an interview or business, then the best suits and ties. After all, many people in the eyes of small white shoes is a student like, you wear a small white shoes to talk about things, will be invisible to others that you are too young. Ultra-thin leather upper black shoes are particularly suitable for the current season at noon to wear, followed by the emerald green hit color is very youthful atmosphere, the shoes themselves are very light and comfortable to wear. Small white shoes is made of the whole leather upper, looks beautiful and beautiful, cheap under armour leather upper breathable comfort, texture is very good, whether with jeans or trousers are very style. If it is not a small dirty shoes lovers, small white shoes or to keep clean, white shoes have been dirty, dirty after it will under armour sale be very obvious, so to others impression branch discount.

Le Fu shoes is also popular in recent years, a shoe, wear off convenient, so called a pedal, lazy shoes, a sense of leisure. Vamp on the upper three-dimensional embossed fashion retro, thick rubber base shock effect is very good. Classic version of the simple type of small white shoes seems to be more popular with young people, especially the student party, white clean and tidy, with shirt jeans, the whole person looks neat and clean spirit. Small white shoes in the soles of the side add some color, so that a little bit of youthful vitality of small white shoes, version of the type of good, obviously thin, soles of the softness is also high, put on the foot after the pressure can be reduced Oh. White shoes, or a lot of style, but the more classic the more difficult to make mistakes, if you want to make an article on the cheap under armour shoes, it must adjust the overall style of clothes, to ensure that the whole body only one or two bright spots, highlights too much, but too Not the tide men want the effect.