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Home / News > The temperature rose to welcome the early spring, ankle quickly exposed!


The temperature rose to welcome the early spring, ankle quickly exposed!

Spring come, hurry to reveal your sexy ankle it! Bare ankle feel the breath of spring, but also can help you lengthen the leg of the visual sense of Oh. Exposed ankle jeans to wear more handsome, with long-sleeved T-shirt or loose chiffon shirt, there is an endless effort to indulge. Trousers of the fork design is very Western style, micro-speaker of the ankle and calf is more slender, thigh tightening can help you clever weight, wear it is very art Oh. Super-Meng of the radish pants, buttocks and thighs more fat crush can consider such pants, the upper part of the design partial leisure, tighten the trousers seems ankle slender white. Pants fabric is very elastic, fat crush to wear up there will be under armour womens shoes thin feeling. The overall version of the type is very simple, with a small white shoes fashion, the effect is great. Youth casual cowboy pants, trousers design is very cute, imitation of the cuff design, slightly pants legs can cover the flesh of the thighs Oh. In recent years, the popular wide leg pants, legs are more slender, with high heels or casual flat shoes can be, this casual feeling under armour shoes is the fashion industry is very fond of.

Very retro taste of linen wide leg pants, simple version of the type actually contains a lot of small details. In front of the pants legs down the design, looks pants very chic. A little Europe and the United States Fan children straight version of the type, trousers flanging design, done a widening of the treatment, so that pants look more fashionable. Very retro a lattice wide leg pants, pants on the design of long belt, with cotton under armour discount and linen jacket to wear, it is a great feeling of the Shanghai era it Recently ultra-popular wide leg pants, pants side of the stripes with two different thickness of the design, long legs to wrap the shoes to wear to look good Oh.