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Thick thick heels, summer woman elegant weapon

Platform refers to those soles are thick, very high heels high heels, this kind of shoes in Europe and the United States fashion is very popular, high and elegant do not say, the key to wear is also very comfortable, especially suitable for summer concave shape. Xiaobian today to bring you to learn the summer platform with fashion skills. Want to be happy concave shape, then open the skirt will be the first choice, in addition to micro-exposed your sexy legs outside, you can focus on highlight your elegant shoes. In addition to open the skirt accident, the basic section of the dress is platform sink shoes summer best partner. Such as with a pink dress is very elegant atmosphere. With a printed dress, more prominent women's aesthetic and romantic, high-heeled shoes can enhance your noble temperament

Shirt skirt is the summer OL women's essential, wear a decent, then the absolute high pressure grid. Fear of error, you can use a thick bottom heel with a base section of the white shirt skirt, in particular, there are Xianqi children. Want to wear more lively, you can match a printed shirt skirt, but also highlight the vitality. under armour shoes How is the performance of the skirt in summer? Platform thick shoes and half skirt can also be a good cp, would like to more sweet lady some, you can match a lovely A word skirt. Shoes skirt with the color more eye-catching. Wide skirt is very elegant, like Beckham this with a pair of high-heeled shoes, seconds change the goddess.

Platform pants can be used with a lot of ways, for small girls, can be used with such a pants, ankle sexy, but also visually high.