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To put this high-heeled shoes, comfortable and easy to hurt feet

A mention of high heels, the baby is very easy to think of sexy, indeed, when wearing feet, legs look thin and long, wear miniskirt or shorts, walking, enchanting not to step by step, step by step Minions, like the pace of the devil! But sexy is to pay the price, or why every time wearing high heels, have to pain for several days to slow over, but what still can not give up high heels, because it is so beautiful, so what Mody often pay attention to various Life a small coup, a few days ago, what Mody to get to wear high heels feet pain and good to take the coup, today to share to the baby, the baby learn up Oh! The most simple way, but also lazy favorite, just buy a pair of anti-wear shoes affixed to the heel with a heel, so that the feet under armour sale will not wear a foot under armour shoes Oh! Baby can use the home of the kitchen of white vinegar, with a cotton swab dip and then painted in the shoes need to soften the place, after the soft leather to wear feet will not wear feet Oh! New shoes, the baby can use the newspaper wet, and then wrapped in dry newspaper, placed in the shoes need to soften the place, put a night later, you wear the feet will feel a lot of soft, but remember Stuffed a little!

Buy the shoes, too tight, then the baby can wear socks, the thicker the better, and then back and forth at home several times, so you can squeeze high heels, the baby can also use the hair dryer against the shoes blowing, so also Can play the role of softening! The baby can prepare the tape, the middle of the two toes tied up, and then wear shoes, so that can be scattered feet pressure, so walking up a little comfortable, and how long will not feel tired Oh! Baby who know these small coup, is not want to get a high heels? Do not worry, you have to buy before you know how high you wear high heels, what to teach you a move, measured to know! Sitting on a chair, raising a leg parallel to the ground, feet naturally placed. Then, use the ruler to measure the horizontal distance of the heel to the foot of the foot, which is the best heel height for your feet. As shown below: