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Want to become tall, in fact, very simple!

With the change of the times, for men, fashion is also changing, the young man who distributed charm is unstoppable, you want to become like this? Wear them will be able to lead the fashion! Using Goodyear method. In order to maintain soles elasticity, soles are used in bonding processes. Because Goodyear need to suture, there is no certain hardness, then suture will collapse, can not use the soft soles material. So in order to maintain a certain degree of flexibility, using a Goodyear + bonding method. Long-term wear can remember foot type. To avoid the ordinary dress shoes bring a sense of tightness. Sole cheap under armour add wood chips, not only wearing comfortable, Goodyear technology is a major feature of sewing shoes. After 130 processes, the soles used two stitches more firmly, to avoid degumming embarrassment. Relative to the adhesive shoe more cost-effective. Shoes to wear the effect of the shoe is relatively long, so it looks longer than the actual size of some. Although the picture can not be fully confirmed, but in order to make the heel more fit, we made the time in the heel built-in cup material. The general use of resin materials, this series of shoes are used to paste the powder paste to be fixed. Long shoes design. Although there are young people that this shoe is too long, but this is a very common design for most of the guests can recommend a. The powder is crushed and fixed with a paste. Three-dimensional shape of things, with a soft, shape memory effect. Although this is an invisible part, it is a complex workmanship. So as to wrap the heel, to achieve the effect of three-dimensional molding.

Excellent technology, perfect suture every knot and package edge, fine and delicate pin smooth and comfortable, easy to run line and can fit the material elasticity so that it can not be broken really solid will not fall off, help to enhance the comfortable wearing The Sprayed matte feel, wash; strip does not fade, laser engraving zipper, exquisite shiny, highlight the quality of professional machinery, professional computer beam embroidery, exquisite workmanship, fine traces, reflecting the high-end rigorous brand tolerance. Hood design, full quality, highlight the men's tolerance, character cheap under armour charm chest rope design, the perfect combination of fashion design, more safe and practical around the two sides pocket design, full quality, highlight the men's tolerance, character charm points.