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What are the special features of anti-static shoes?

Anti-static shoes are electronic materials, electronic computers, electronic communications equipment and integrated circuits and other microelectronics industry production workshop and advanced laboratory to reduce or eliminate electrostatic hazards and wearing a work shoes. Anti-static shoes under armour shoes can be static from under armour womens shoes the human body to the earth, so as to eliminate the human body static, but also effectively inhibit the personnel in the clean room moving around the dust generated. Suitable for pharmaceutical plants, food plants, electronics factory clean workshop, laboratory and so on. Anti-static shoes with PU or PVC, SPU material production soles, soles with anti-static anti-skid materials, both sweat and deodorant, but also to achieve non-slip, anti-static and other functions, and the upper one molding, and then on-line reinforcement. Can effectively leak static, together with the anti-static clothing constitute a complete anti-static system. Anti-static rubber shoes are mainly used to prevent the body with static electricity and may cause burning, explosion sites (for example, rubber, chemical, printing, medical, electronics and other industries in some places). At the same time, it can also avoid the 250V following electrical equipment accidentally caused by the body of the electric shock and fire. For the maintenance of power equipment or high-voltage electrical equipment to deal with the risk of electric shock workers, prohibit the use of anti-static rubber shoes. Anti-static rubber shoes, conductive rubber shoes, other performance requirements, must comply with the corresponding footwear national standards and technical requirements.

For anti-static rubber shoes, conductive plastic shoes at the end of the structural design and selection of materials, we must take into account the resistance of the bottom of the shoe under the influence of wear and tear, the smallest change. For special anti-static rubber shoes, conductive rubber shoes (for example, need to have acid, alkali, oil and other properties) should also meet the appropriate technical standards. To ensure the elimination of under armour shoes the effect of static electricity, wear anti-static rubber shoes, the ground resistance should be no more than 1.0 锟斤拷 10 ^ 8锟斤拷; wear conductive rubber shoes, the ground resistance should not be greater than 1.5 10 ^ 5. In the process of wearing shoes, anti-static rubber shoes, conductive rubber shoes at the bottom of the insulation must not be stained with impurities. In the process of wearing the shoes, pay attention to avoid wearing a strong insulation or wool thick socks, and insulation insoles and so on.