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What kind of leg shoes fit What kind of foot shoes

Pointed shoes are women's favorite styles, and pointed shoes fashion style is better with clothes, but it is not suitable for everyone, such as the foot fat people wear well, may not be able to wear completely, but if you It is the words of Greece that can fully HOLD live. The main feature of the Greek feet is that the second toe is longer than the big toe. In ancient times, people thought that it was more beautiful and more noble. In the era of no shoes, the slender second toe seems to be more beautiful and usually has this type of foot. The slender limbs are more suitable for wearing pointed shoes. Selection of high-quality first layer leather, pointed and shallow leather buckle decoration design, easy to wear sexy and charming style, stand for a long time or walk is not tired feet, how to wear look good, long leg type, suitable for all kinds of foot type, suitable In the three seasons of spring, summer and autumn, every woman can manage it.

Glossy shoes always have a catchy rush. The thin heel I think is a style that every girl can't refuse. The upper body can be well modified in body proportions. Of course, the slimming effect is also very good. Such shiny shoes have wood and your feet from the stars. Pointed slippers I think is a very creative shoes, first break the traditional concept of slippers, but also make the tip more inclusive, sexy shoes, definitely knocking praise, the embellishment of the upper Ring design, there is a stylish sense of wood Yeah, I really like it. 1, pointed high-heeled shoes, although the United States, but should wear less. Try to wear wider, low-heeled shoes at the front.

2, under armour shoes often with hot water soak feet, enhance blood circulation in the footsteps, in order to ease the foot soft tissue spasm. Often wear high heels may wish to use foot film foot care. Method is: the pumpkin 3 steamed and let cool, add a tablespoon of olive oil in the pumpkin, simmered into pumpkin mud, evenly wipe the feet, wrapped with plastic wrap, and stay for 15 minutes to clean.

3, summer, may wish to under armour outlet go barefoot on the beach, and consciously use the toe to scratch the sand on the ground, you can exercise the foot muscles, enhance the balance of the foot, but also a good foot massage.

4, try not to go through high heels, if the occupation needs, on the use of different heights of high-heeled shoes, so that the point of compression is different, you can reduce the same site under armour shoes there are thick, old skin. But pay attention to reduce walking when wearing fine heels, so as not to squeeze the foot.