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With these three characteristics of the shoes, easy to shampoo

Perhaps we buy shoes more or less the case of grinding feet, but this does not mean that the shoes will be worn feet. So, as long as the sister know the characteristics of the foot wear shoes, buy shoes, the chance of grinding feet will be greatly reduced a lot. Xiaobian here to science, because the patent leather material is relatively hard, patent leather material shoes, whether it is low or high shoes help shoes will be worn, so will be stuck in the heel, so we choose, try not to choose such shoes, if not Like it, we must do a good job sharpening the mental preparation. Flat shoes, the material is soft sheepskin texture touch fabric, with detailed cortical cheap under armour lines, good ventilation, low profile without losing texture. And smart design, extending from the heel of the smooth lines, echoed with the toe bow, there is a dynamic beauty. Simple toe bow double bow shape, the same material with the upper, under armour outlet simple beauty. Followed by built-in massage foam, can ease the pressure of walking. Pigskin inside, soft skin-friendly care. Special pattern shading, wear non-slip. Shallow mouth both leg length and not easily change the foot shape.

To be honest, Xiaobian think this shoe is the highest frequency of grinding shoes shoes. Xiaobian reason why I say it is high frequency, because a fish mouth open toe high heels are estimated that many girls have resonance? The friction of this shoe on the toe is really awesome at the edge of the so-called fish mouth, especially for the big toe. In addition the big toe sister more pay attention. In short, wear fish-head shoes will be grinding feet. Cross v-neck pleated knit dress, compiled from a blend of yarn, feel soft waxy. Slim version of a slightly modified version, pleated fish tail, very chic, full of street feeling. Wrapped chest v collar with a longer version of the vertical striped trumpet sleeve design, easy to create elegant temperament, you can outline the graceful figure of women. Because these shoes are very hard materials, these shoes do not produce too much bending to adapt to our feet when they are wearing them, so they can only be driven by their own bent feet, so thick soled shoes can easily make us Feet frosted. So every time we walk the foot of the bend will be in the sole mill, which is why some sisters wear thick soled shoes to walk for a long time the foot will feel hot burning, blisters that is understandable. Retro rust red color is simply not greasy, rich degree just right, retro stylish skin was white. Fold fabric with vertical folds of fabric and dark stripes stitching, thin sense of touch and the real sense of collision, the actual situation can be said that the real benefits down. Neckline under armour shoes advanced pair of silk, beautiful and easy to de-silk. The shape of the chest to connect the droplet velvet belt, delicate and elegant.