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You have a summer to a friend's home dare not take off your shoes troubled you

You have not had such a situation, after the exercise off the shoes of the moment, Oh my god! A strong taste of their own can not stand! Not to mention such a hot summer, if it is back to their own home will not say anything, if there is someone else in the case had to take off his shoes, that embarrassment can be imagined! Like to meet a favorite girl or finally catch the hand of the goddess invited you to the house guest, take off the moment that is afraid to be lonely lonely! and so! In order to avoid these monitoring to the death of the situation, to the pursuit of quality of life of the old iron who move it! Since it is summer Well, of course, is to wear good sandals and slippers to the most happy it! but! As the twenty-first century, the new youth, please you do not set a pair of father's sandals, wearing a pair of bath drag and ran out! Then it is not smelly feet can not save your single problem! This pair of shoes is not the characteristics of the more, but in the style is still with the wild with the property, do not have to worry too much thought to match, the preparation of the upper velvet leather with elastic cloth woven, the whole Version under armour shoes of the type is also done in place, whether it is inside the comfort or external beauty is a level!

Slippers has long been not a sloppy pronoun friends, as a chase life quality of the old iron, wearing a street slippers have texture but can, this pair of real leather made of sandals, whether it is work or no material on the no Can be picky, more important is the personality of the toe design both stylish and practical features. Of course, do not rule out such an old iron, do not love to wear sandals and slippers, no matter how hot should wear a pair of all-inclusive shoes, for such a stubborn man, there are shoes to meet your friends. Simple and generous shape, the use of Daqingma material, with a unique effect of sweat and breathable, can effectively prevent foot odor, but also eliminate the foot of the dead skin, so that the perfect combination of feet and nature, and under armour shoes the whole pair of shoes, pure hand Production, environmental ventilation, suitable for home leisure. If you think the above shoes are too casual, then the Peas shoes is another good choice, the upper use of the first layer of leather, inside the first layer of pigskin, leather, can effectively prevent the situation of foot odor , And Peas shoes in the summer, the business can be casual, it will not be too stuffy feet. Did not expect it, there is such an artifact exists, the reason why the foot will be stink because the feet of bacteria in the sweat fermentation, and then will emit an indescribable smell, so the deodorant is the key to sterilization, Go out before the easy spray, the perfect cover off when the embarrassment of shoes! Often take off the island of the people in addition to the foot odor that can be said that the experience is quite rich, so this is a Japanese imported shoes with deodorant spray, gently spray, eliminate odor, effective mold deodorant, Shoes dry. Really, the old iron under armour womens shoes who spend so much thought to wear in the above, the whole Lili Suosuo to see people, the results of the shoes off the image of the collapse of the whole! It is not fall short of it, so the choice of shoes need to spend a little thought, as well as a deodorant spray such artifacts are more than a few bottles is not a bad thing Oh